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The Incubateur HEC Paris is one of the startups support program of the HEC Idea Center. It enables startups to achieve in 3 months what would have taken them 1 year on their own. 
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A taste of Augmented Reality

Our director, Antoine Lepretre, would like to invite you to live with him an experience of augmented reality - powered by Popmii

This is still a beta so don’t hesitate to share your feedback with them : info@popmii.com / incubateur@hec.fr

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🚀 Incubator news

Meet Monika, expert marketing, digital and business development

According to Monika Esprit, mentor at the HEC Incubator, the top 3 mistakes startups make are:

  1. Launching a business on your own

  2. Not choosing a complementary team

  3. Being afraid to “dilute” your idea (and your equity!)

“Complementarity of professional skills is one thing, but true complementarity also encompasses career skills, personal experience, perspectives etc. We need to focus on diversity and inclusion as a whole.”

- Monika Esprit, HEC Incubator mentor and specialist in the fields of digital, marketing, communication and business development.

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Summer 2020 Batch - Meet our Startups

Say hi to our newest startups Anomia, Ayro, HD Rain, Lakaa, Mercateam, Omny, Reglo, Shomi, Turgo and Velyvelo! This new batch is composed of 10 startups, including one from our partner Akwa Group, and it made its debut on July 2nd at Station F.

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Apply to the Fall 2020 Batch

It’s not always easy to get admitted to the HEC Incubator… Thankfully Anna Schwarz and Romain Lavielle, part of the incubator staff, are here to help! Here is what they are looking for in entrepreneurs:

  1. Get ready to get challenged by our strong community of experts. You can’t know everything.

  2. The HEC Incubator provides you with a lot of ressources, think about what you can provide back.

  3. Within the great community of entrepreneurs, don’t forget to give and take.

  4. The startups at the HEC Incubator are truly high-level with overflowing ambition, learn to dare!

  5. It’s not all about work, be available every first Thursday of the month to network!

Interested in joining us at Station F?

Applications for startups are now open! Apply now

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🐣 Startup news

Meet Grégoire, co-founder of Simundia

Simundia, founded by Grégoire Schiller in 2017, is a digital personalized coaching platform.

“3 years after its creation and after raising 2 million € beginning of 2019, Simundia is a team of more than 150 enthusiasts, with coaches and more than 100 major clients.”

- Grégoire Schiller, CEO and cofounder of Simundia

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Learn about fundraising with Raphaël Vullierme et Benoît Bourdel, cofounders of Luko

Luko, former HEC incubee, is an online home insurance startup which raised 20 million euros in 2019. Here are some of their tips:

  1. Go to your market as fast as you can

  2. Know your industry in & out, meet your peers, competitors, incubants…

  3. Build something to show you're the best at executing your idea

  4. Assemble a nice, well slick & ambitious deck. Also work & rework your email blurb.

  5. Sell. Sell. Sell. Be bold, never give up and make your destiny happen

Lately, other startups from the HEC Incubator have also had some great fundraising successes:

Shipup raised 6 million € to improve customer service on e-commerce websites.

MyJobGlasses raised 5 million € to help you grow your professional network.

Okarito raised 2.1 million € to handle startups' and SME's business trips.

6 HEC Incubator startups made it in Station F’s top 30 🏆

R-pur - antipollution masks

Myjobglasses - innovative recruitment platform

Datasoluce - cloud-based platform which transforms buildings into predictable assets

Dropcontact - solution which corrects, normalizes, deduplicates and unifies the information of all your contacts in 1 click

Adalong - AI-powered platform to automatically curate visual content from your community

Viibe - video assistance and ticketing webapp which connects agents in contact centers with their customers

Awards 🥇

Seedlegals won “Hottest GovTech, Public, Civic RegTech” prize at The Europas Tech Startup Awards

Dropcontact and Mercateam are part of 17 finalists in the Gallion Booster competition

Our startups are hiring! 🧠

Bigblue - next-gen logistics provider and customer-experience toolkit for your e-commerce

Ekestrian - 1st auction platform for exceptional horses

Myjobglasses - innovative recruitment platform

Okarito - free professional travel management platform

Lemlist - cold email tool powering sales teams, agencies and B2B businesses to personalize and automate outreach campaigns

Garantme - French rent guarantor for your housing in France

Simundia - the digital coaching platform for a personalized development experience

Datasoluce - cloud-based platform which transforms buildings into predictable assets

Mercateam - platform which optimizes staff management

Dropcontact - solution which corrects, normalizes, duplicates and unifies the information of all your contacts in 1 click

Justice.cool - digital mediation solution assisted by AI for small lawsuits

Joinbrief - platform which organizes personalized photo or video B2B shootings

Check out these webinars 🤓

SeedLegalsDifferences between fundraising in the UK and in France

DropcontactBounce and cold email: global change

Petit CôtéThe first vegetable-based pastry 

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