Incubateur Fortnight News 🚀 & Weekend Reading List 📚 2021-9

Fortnight News 🚀

Our community is getting increasingly busy.
If you want to get to know it, here are their essential news of the past weeks:


Successful Fundraising 💰

Fintecture just announced a $7.5M funding round to spread further their payment solution.


Startups’ Prizes 🏆

Ediris won the first prize in the Paradninapad competition.


Product Launches 🍾

Watoo just signed a partnership with NetExplorer to add digital tagging to their file sharing solution.

Fygr is launching a new cashflow management tool with RCA.

If you prefer talking to writing, Alloreview completely revamped their website and tools.

Goodvest partnered with Carbone 4 to launch the first life insurance with a sustainable investment impact.

OneFlash are now providing power banks for shoppers at Decathlon.


Laudatory Press 🗞️

Discover how fast VelyVelo is moving in the bike delivery space.

Recap the journey of Michella from DIM since her coming to the Incubateur, or listen to her.

Read how Campsider is transforming the second-hand outdoor sports industry.

Discover how Reglo is one of the best solution to take care of your pets.

If you are a news addict, you should have a look at how Newscatcher are building the right API for you.

See how Rodolphe and Thomas went from being consultant to building a carbon tracking software.


Screen Time 📺

Chloé from Ada Tech School was on BFM to talk about IT training for women.

Damien from Mayday was on BSMart to discuss their smart customer support.

Watch Kifal Auto and their solution for second-hand car purchasing.

Discover how Claudio from Cultures & Companies found an experienced mentor.

Say hi to VelyVelo on the Moroccan news, or listen to them on French radio.

Listen to Julie from Artpoint talk about digital art on BSmart.

See you all soon!