Incubateur Fortnight News 🚀 & Weekend Reading List 📚 2021-12

Fortnight News 🚀

Our community is getting increasingly busy.
If you want to get to know it, here are their essential news of the past weeks:


Startups' Prizes 🏆

HEC Paris Demo Day was the opportunity to award a few prizes, so congrats to Ediris for winning the HEC Innovation prize, and to Escape for winning the X-Grant Silicon Valley prize.

ViiBE just won the Gold Medal of most innovative supplier of the year during the IT night.

Favikon received a 4.9 rating on Influencer Marketing Hub.


Newsworthy Achievements 🎉

The UEFA Euro 2020 is starting, but TwicPics has been working with the French Football Federation for 18 months now.

By setting up their solution in 20 new flats, Elax managed to save over 2MWh over the past 80 days.

Popmii will be part of the Plug & Play retail program in Japan, wish them luck!

Campsider was the startup of the day on Les Pépites Tech.


Product Launches 🍾

Favikon is now opening its influencer analysis tool on TikTok!

If you spent time next to the Veepee HQ, keep your eyes open to see Artpoint digital art selection there.

Vestack is opening a new low-carbon construction factory and hiring 30 people this year!

Liebr is back, and they just launched their new platform.


Laudatory Press 🗞️

Discover Kreme preservative-free cosmetics in Femme Actuelle.

Come read how Liebr will help you find the right motorcycle mechanics.


Screen Time 📺

Re-discover Marie Mas emerald jewellery in this selection.

Discover the latest products from Kreme.

Discover the official launch of the first batch of Ananá by Saga in Cotonou.


Audio is the new black 👂

Listen to Emna from Kazidomi on how she managed to build a strong retail brand.

Listen to Matthieu from R-Pur talk about their nano sports mask.



See you all soon!