Incubateur Fortnight News 🚀 & Weekend Reading List 📚 2021-14

Fortnight News 🚀

Our community is getting increasingly busy.
If you want to get to know it, here are their essential news of the past weeks:


Successful Funding 💰

Julaya just raised $2M to digitize business payments in Africa.


Startups' Prizes 🏆

AgenT was one of the finalists to pitch at the DxPx Conference.

Traace was just recognized as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution.


Newsworthy Achievements 🎉

Balt is one of the first brands to join the Carbonfact movement to measure all products' carbon footprints.

Have a look at Artpoint artists who were showcased on the 14th of July.

Dropcontact is ranked as the best email verification tool by Lemlist.


Product Launches 🍾

Goodvest officially completed its first subscription, the first sustainable life-insurance contract is now live.


Laudatory Press 🗞️

ArtPoint are the focus of Forbes to promote digital art in our lives.

Read how Reglo can decrease the impact of pet food with their insect-based pellets.

Are you an urban runner? Explore the test of the R-Pur nano mask.

Are you wondering what a vegetable-based cake look like? Discover Petit Côté in les Échos Start.


Screen Time 📺

Boris from Mindday was on BFM Business to talk about their recent funding round and about mental health.

Have a look at Trone and their unique toilet experience.


See you all soon!