Incubateur Fortnight News 🚀 & Weekend Reading List 📚 2021-11

Fortnight News 🚀

Our community is getting increasingly busy.
If you want to get to know it, here are their essential news of the past weeks:


Company Exits 🚪

Skult has now successfully joined Urbain des Bois, a new Icade subsidiary.


Successful Fundraisings 💰

Petit Côté just raised 500k€ to expand their vegetable-based cake company.


Startups' Prizes 🏆

Tarmac Technologies & R-Pur are both laureate of the latest Blue Ocean Awards.


Newsworthy Achievements 🎉

ArtPoint had the opportunity to display one of their digital artists at one of Christophe Maé's concert.

NomadHer joined the latest batch of the Welcome City Lab.

Lakaa will now be used in 12 new Leroy-Merlin shops.


Product Launches 🍾

Kreme released a special box for Mother's Day.

Hors Normes is now available in 5 new cities.

Celsius Energy just released their new brand and website.

Discover Marie Mas emerald jewellery line in Vogue, or in the eye of jewellery.

Read about Trone new toilets in Les Echos.


Laudatory Press 🗞️

Nizar from Wsselni Maak tells the story of his incubation journey at Station F.

Read the testimony of Matthieu from R-Pur about their pollution masks.

Tom Pullen created Innovinco after HEC Paris executive MBA, see his story.

Discover how Celsius Energy can decrease building energy consumption.

Read the interview of Joseph from Goodvest.


Screen Time 📺

Discover NomadHer and their support of female travellers on BSmart.

Watch how Luko is becoming a true alternative to insurance companies on Brut.


See you all soon!