Incubateur Fortnight News 🚀 & Weekend Reading List 📚 2021-13

Fortnight News 🚀

Our community is getting increasingly busy.
If you want to get to know it, here are their essential news of the past weeks:


Successful Fundraising 💰

Urban Sports Club raised 80M€ to keep on developing the online sports business.

Hoggo raised 11M€ to keep on supporting companies through the maze of employee insurance.

Mayday raised 2.5M€ to boost customer support processes.

MindDay just raised 2M€ to better help employees with their mental health.

Medene raised 1.3M€ to become the leader of custom aromatherapy.

OneFlash raised 500k€ to ensure you never run out of battery again.


Startups' Prizes 🏆

Viibe received the 2021 Europe Enabling Technology Leadership Award.

Loewi was just awarded Bourse Entreprendre 2021.


Newsworthy Achievements 🎉

HD Rain will be working with the Georgian capital Tbilissi to help them manage their floods in the future.

Cedric O is once again talking about RoomBa.


Product Launches 🍾

Vertuo will help cool the concrete jungle of La Défense.

Beev electric cars can now be rented everywhere in France.


Laudatory Press 🗞️

Read La Tribune to discover how Seyna combines edtech and IT micro-tasks.

Discover how Majamaja is changing the hospitality ecosystem in Helsinki.

Discover how Hors Normes is helping farmers lower food waste.


Screen Time 📺

Florent from TwicPics was on BSmart to talk about media management online.

Flitter was on Tech & Co on BFM TV to talk about the future of mobility.

Damien from Mayday was on BFM to tell about their funding round.

Joseph from Goodvest was on BFM to talk about green savings, as well as on BSmart.

Discover how Qlower helps real estate investors manage their portfolio.

Discover Chanez from Beev and their electric car solution on TV5 Monde.


Audio is the new black 👂

Listen to Louis from Enchères Immo on Radio Immo.

Listen to Pierre-Lou from Grasp tell you all about media buying.

Listen to Lucas from OneFlash talk about phone battery fleets.

Listen to Campsider talk about outdoors equipment on Radio Mont-Blanc.



See you all soon!