Keeping the future hybrid 📅

How Deskare is helping you manage a post-pandemic office…

Last week was the Demo Day of the HEC Paris Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre, during which the best startups from the Startup Launchpad and from the X-HEC Entrepreneurs master’s program had the opportunity to pitch.
Deskare was one of the two laureates from that pitching competition and will be joining Incubateur HEC Paris this summer.


Hey Thomas, could you please briefly introduce yourself and your team?

Hey, I’m Thomas Dauphin, a student from the HEC Digital Major !
With Vianney Goater and Victor Fritz, 2 friends from X-HEC Entrepreneurs, we are working together on the exciting topic of the #FutureofWork.

What’s Deskare?

We all noticed that the way people are working has been deeply transformed with the pandemic. Companies found out that they could benefit from remote work, they are thus implementing their own “hybrid work policies”. To coordinate this new organization, they have no solution but using some shared spreadsheets so far.
Deskare is a simple and integrated tool to help organizations manage hybrid work and flex-office.
On one hand, we help people schedule their office (and remote) time and meet easily at the office. On the other hand, through detailed analytics, we help Office Managers, HRs and CFOs understand how their teams are distributed and how their office spaces are used and could be optimized!

You were part of the HEC Paris 42 Launchpad, could you let us know the key highlights of your participation in the program?

The HEC Paris-42 Launchpad was a great opportunity for us to have time, resources and mentoring to find the right problem to solve and to build an MVP. We had the chance to speak with amazing mentors and specialists that helped us in a lot of sectors, and to pitch in front of VC every two weeks.
Thanks to the digital LEX in London, we even met the first company that used!

What’s the most valuable part of the 10 weeks program?

Beyond the access to high-quality mentoring, I think the various Codev sessions were a super opportunity to brainstorm with other students on the various projects.
It gave us some really cool ideas about the job-to-be-done, the most valuable features in our product, and the way to manage a project in general. It was really helpful for all!

What’s next for Deskare?

We’ve already onboarded our first clients, and we’re working hard to build the best product that will help all types of organizations manage hybrid work!
If you want to implement hybrid work in your company or just want to talk about the #FutureOfWork, don’t hesitate to send me a message at !