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A last look to the past ⌛


Last big event! ⏪

Unfortunately our recent events happened behind closed doors.
But since we don’t want to leave you hanging, here is the most popular replay of the past few weeks for you:


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Looking toward our future 🔮


Petit Côté is letting you have your cake and eat it too 🍰

Ever had to choose between a tasty dessert and a more "reasonable" choice?
If you ever felt that frustration, Petit Côté developed a range of cakes that should please you, go read all about it!


HEC Paris entrepreneurs and the Climate Act 🌳

Should startups aim for something more than ever bigger funding rounds and valuations?
Many startups from the French Tech ecosystem seem to agree and have signed the Climate Act, to measure and act for their carbon footprint.
Discover the 35 companies from HEC Paris entrepreneurship ecosystem that have taken that step.


What about your future? 🎯


Find your dream job! 💼

Within startups from Incubateur HEC Paris or Challenge +

NomadHer, the key to safe solo female travel, is recruiting for several positions.

Anomia, the business partner of lawyers, is looking for a CEO right-hand intern.

Reglo, the provider of sustainable dog pellets, is looking for a communications manager.

Demooz, the try before you buy solution, is looking for a lead dev.

Bunji, the real-estate agent CRM, is looking for a full-stack dev intern.

OD&B is looking for a front-end dev.


Fill your calendar 🗓️

To close out the academic year, the HEC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center is showcasing the best entrepreneurial success stories of its community in a unique TV show!
Discover the most promising projects, meet the next generation of entrepreneurs from highly selective programmes, and connect with our network!


How do you find your co-founders and legitimize the relationship?
Seedlegals will get all the insights on the topic from Marram next week.

Wondering about the best strategies to launch your business abroad?
Okarito will discuss their experiences with Swile and Toucan Toco next week.


Before you leave us, here is your reading list for the weekend 📚

Artem and Maksym from Newscatchers just said no to Y Combinator.
Why? Let them tell you the story.

Are NDAs mandatory? Or are there simply useful?
Read the piece from Coraline Magnier-Galas from Woog & Associés to learn more about it.


Nostalgia Zone

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  1. Get the replay of our copywriting workshop.

  2. What is a successful startup?

  3. How to make your employees shareholders?

  4. Kazidomi is hiring.

  5. Goodvest is partnering with Carbone 4.


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