Our struggles are picayune 🤏

And we know the standard.

None of us live in the world.

We live in our mental picture thereof.

We plan, we act, we choose, according to that picture.


The real world always diverges from our mental picture, but we usually don’t notice much, nor do we need to.

However, sometimes the contrast becomes much starker, and then our world comes crashing down.


The unlucky ones have not experienced it, yet, the lucky ones have experienced it, in manageable amounts.

However, the truly unlucky ones are met with crashes that bear the promise of complete annihilation.


If you were a woman in Afghanistan, you would probably have been acting as if the world was one in which you could belong and in which you could act with agency.

If you were a woman entrepreneur there, you would have been planning towards your future and laying foundations for years to come.

However, the world would not turn out as you had pictured it to be.


We cannot fathom our response, were we in those shoes, nor truly know the extent of the resilience we could demonstrate.

Whatever our struggles, they cannot compare to that level of upheaval.

But in our daily strife, we can hardly falter. The bar is set high.



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Content about startup funding is not hard to come by these days.

However, bridge rounds are an under-explored topic, come fill that gap with Judith from Kanopée and Steve from eCap.


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Our sister program within HEC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre is dedicated to supporting the scale of social businesses.

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The future of female entrepreneurship 👩‍🚀

Increasing diversity of entrepreneurs within HEC Paris ecosystem has been a fight of ours for some time now.

So when HEC Paris Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre got the opportunity to partner with the Women's Forum and Procter & Gamble to launch WomenEntrepreneurs4Good, we jumped on it.

After a couple of months of incubation, you can finally learn a bit more about the laureates.


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Are you interested in a greener finance?
Goodvest is looking for a head of growth.

Frustrated when pictures take too long to load?
TwicPics is looking for a business developer.

Interested in the future of work?
Imagin'Office recruits an Office Manager.

Are you a bike addict?
Jungle Bike is looking for a data scientist.


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Being an entrepreneur is a tiresome vocation, and it's hard to feel on top of the world when you are going through a crisis.
Luckily, we will be getting advice on the best ways to keep your mental health from Alexandre from Synapse.


Everyone has a training fund today. But how many companies are using it well?
Explore with Jean-Marie from Matchers how you could train your employees for the benefit of all


Absolutely French is launching the Absolutely Talented talent fair at Station F on the 16th.
Don't miss it if you are job hunting!


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The French presidential election is getting closer day by day.
Even if you don't pay much attention to social media, Favikon is launching its ranking of politicians by their influence power.

Now, more than ever, we should follow the weather with some attention.
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