The Entrepreneurship Path

Enable each entrepreneur to be supported via a complete entrepreneurial learning journey

At HEC Paris IDEA center, our goal is to support startups from ideation to internationalisation of their product and service. Basically, you can stay until you become a unicorn, well if you want to. With numerous entrepreneurship and innovation programs at HEC Paris, we have developed an entrepreneurship path to give visibility, create coherence between the programs and ensure that whoever you are we have a program that is right to develop your venture.


The path is currently made of four building blocks : START, LAUNCH, BUILD and SCALE. Let's see the objectives and mission for each block.


🎯 Acquire an entrepreneurial culture

💪 Develop a winning mentality and lose inhibitions

Example : Stand Up HEC Paris


🎯 Validate a market opportunity in the field

💪 Go beyond your preconceived ideas to quickly generate

Example : HEC Startup Launchpad, HEC Challenge+

Coming soon : Creative Destruction Lab on climate


🎯 Create a growth machine

💪 Gain increasingly loyal customers

Example : incubateur HEC Paris


🎯 Expand your market presence

💪 Create more value by optimizing the process

Example : Accélérateur ESS Ile de France

new programs and even new blocks will complete the path soon, not only for entrepreneurs but also for intrapreneurs. Expect also


Each block of the entrepreneurship path is independant in its operations, selection process and pedagogy. With time each block gets more connected as startups move from start to launch to build.... and experts that are qualified in one of the blocks might also be pertinent for another.

More mature entrepreneurs and startups are highly encouraged to participate in the path by dedicating time to younger startups. The best advice comes from people that live the same thing than you but 6 months before.

We see more and more of incubateur HEC Paris Alumni investing in their peers, which is a really good sign regarding our vision of developing an ecosystem around our entrepreneurs.

The Path is completed by the HEC Alumni Venture Funds that will help you develop meaningful and game changing connections within the HEC network on top of financing you. The funds is operated by ID Invest and the HEC Alumni Association


To up our game, we need to

  • Create better integration between each blocks

  • Add more programs and blocks to cover every stage of entrepreneurship and especially the scaling phase

  • Develop more online content and teaching materials that act as a binder for each program

  • Digitalize our blocks

  • Adapt the path to new segment like corporate employees

Interesting in joing the path as an entrepreneur, an expert or a partner ? Tell us who you are :)