Welcoming Korean startups to the French ecosystem 🇰🇷🇫🇷

Discover the participants of the Korean Startup Center program…


What should be the entry door to Europe?

For the past few years, France has steadily been becoming the #1 destination in Europe for foreign startups.

The past week saw the end of a remote program carried out with the Korean Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development.

They all believe that France is the right place to develop their solution outside of Korea, check out their projects:



🔖 3linediary

3linediary is a leading Mindful Social Diary app that allows users to capture their life with just 3 lines of text and 1 picture. With over 1 million downloads and 250,000 MAU, 3linediary has been recognized as the top Emotional Content Platform in South Korea.

✅ A comforting and mindful space filled with people’s honest life stories

✅ Supportive community organized around shared interests, sharing various topics like depression, relationship advices, parenting, hobbies, KPOP, etc.

✅ Printing Service that turns user diaries into printed books with design covers


📊 Adriel

Adriel is a revolutionary all-in-one platform that allows you to manage and optimize all of your digital marketing campaigns in just one place. Our award-winning technology centralizes all communication channels and key data into a single customizable platform to help your business deliver a higher-performing promotional message across all channels.

Having worked with over 5,000+ companies worldwide, we designed a user-friendly virtual dashboard that allows for a comprehensive yet straightforward overview of your campaigns at just a glance. Discover the true status of your paid advertising. Combine data for cross-platform insights you can’t get anywhere else. Monitor your ROAS and adjust accordingly.


📱 Amond Company

AmonD project aims to create a user-centric platform, whether the name itself was conceived in ‘the world (le monde)’, as it benefits both creators and users. We have 3 types of project, 1) blockchain based digital wallet 2) Global live contents platform 3) multiple access battle game. The representative project 'hello live' is a global content platform that makes the closest link between star and fandom. 1:n live event and 1:1 simultaneous live video call, digital goods and VOD service are available in one app and web platform.


💍 Bejewel

Bejewel is a jewelry-tech e-commerce startup. We focus on bringing jewelry commerce from offline to online, by connecting millennials with domestic & global jewelry brands through our data-based commerce platform 'amondz'.


🤝 Kinterch

Pexpo.io, hybrid event matching platform developer and provider, we are struggling to promote PEXPO to event organizers, specially which needs online invitation with offline event... to meet their more engagement…

Customized homepage, registration, matching management, video conferencing and CRM in one web PEXPO.

Very suitable for B2B event market... like seller vs buyer and academic conference to be formatted at low cost.


🗣️ Lovo

LOVO is a next-gen synthetic speech platform.

We serve 40,000+ users across 41 countries, who have created over 3 million voice content on our platform using 200+ voices in 34 languages.

Our customers range from individual YouTubers and Podcasters to Fortune 500 companies making marketing videos, e-learning/corporate L&D materials, Call Center & OHM systems, game & movie productions, and AR/VR chatbot apps.

We are language agnostic - we can clone any language with as little as 15 minutes of audio data, to enable voice to be truly ubiquitous across all temporal and spatial limitations.


🤳 Meclouds

We provide International VR LIVE TOUR matching service through Real Avatar. A two-way communicative service where client’s request is directly responded by the avatar during the live tour.


🎒 NomadHer

NomadHer is an app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely.


🎙️ Social Radio Company

Social Radio Company develops and services a social audio discovery app called Tin Can in the USA and Japan. Tin Can is where people can find out like-minded people and friends to connect, talk and bond. We are all about connecting people through voice and story, because we believe in the power of your voice from your heart more than photos or videos.


🎼 Sound Republica

Sound Republica is an online global music distribution and promotion company based in Seoul, Korea. We license music from labels and independent artists from more than 30 countries and distribute their music to more than 200 music streaming stores in over 180 countries.


🏃 Sparky

Sparky is a fitness hub for fitness YouTubers and sweat lovers. The first that allows creators to upload their own videos and transforms them automatically into interactive videos that can score and feedback their community individually in real-time. With sparky, your workout sessions will never be limited to the same set of contents, from the same instructors. Visit us and you’ll find out.


👗 Tenqube

Tenqube set out focusing to create visualized and engaging services using various data. Its initial projects was using consumption/spending data, to create a forecasting personal finance manager app/web services. Later on, the team decided to apply its experiences on AR fitting Fashion Camera, designed for optimized fashion discovery on mobile platform: Gomst.


😃 Toonsquare

Toonsquare is a company focused on developing useful technologies and services to increase the value of our daily life through artificial intelligence(AI) technology and creative content. We are particularly focused on the positive effects and power of AI technology, and we have been working to connect them to various content with creative activities.


🥼 WelsMeditech

We are dedicating to provide good health care product and service by using our high-end laser technology combined with IT.


👘 Z-Emotion

We are a South Korea based 3D apparel-technology company.

We have a number of innovative solutions that can bring vivid offline shopping experience into the e-commerce space. Our solution is tailored for apparel industry and developed based on proprietary developed 3D simulation engine. Our innovation includes followings:

  • 3D apparel CAD software that can be used for designers for creating 3D garments

  • Cloud based virtual sampling platform

  • Virtual fitting and styling solution for the end customer

With this latest technology, you may expect

  • Reduction in production lead time

  • Higher sales conversion rate

  • Higher customer engagement on your e-commerce site



If you want to get in touch with any of them, shoot us a message!