Welcoming our Winter 2021 batch ❄️

20 new startups are joining the family!

After the busy year 2020, 2021 is finally here!

We will tell you soon about how we went through the previous year, but for now, let us focus on the future.


Our first batches of the year have just arrived, mixing classic and partner programs, online and offline support… Without further ado, discover the 20 new companies of the Incubateur HEC Paris family, split among 4 programs:


❄️ Winter 2021 Classic Program ❄️



Have you ever been stuck in a boring lobby?

ArtPoint designs digital artistic experiences for places frequented by the public. Their ambition is to introduce art into living spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, or corporate offices in order to enrich the public's experience and enhance the value of the spaces.




Are your working habits the same as they were a few decades ago?

Ben is an HR analytics platform that allows having an understanding of an organization through the analysis of the digital practices of its employees. This analysis allows senior management, HR teams, and managers to understand how to improve performances, quality of life at work, and to prevent certain psychosocial risks.



Elax Energy

Do you know the environmental impact of home heating?

Elax Energy provides a solution for real estate owners by optimising their water heater consumption, thus saving money and CO2.




Are you wondering how your savings and investment choices impact the planet?

Goodvest enables savers to invest responsibly according to their values with transparency on the carbon footprint.



Hors Normes

Do you hold unrealistic standards of beauty for your food?

Hors Normes fights against food waste and makes good products more affordable for everyone by saving organic fruits and vegetables and selling them to end-customers. It generates revenues for farmers and makes top-quality fruits & vegetables cheaper!




Wondering what is truly in your favourite cosmetics?

Krème is a skincare indie brand selling organic cosmetics freshly delivered from field to skin: our "grown in France" ingredients – including probiotics and super plants - are blended in small batches every 12 weeks to ensure preservative-free formulas, highly efficient yet 100% natural.




One thing we cannot complain about today is a lack of news. But it has become quite easy to miss the essential ones among the noise.

NewsCatcher has developed a new API service to provide instant access to high-quality news data for hedge funds, market researchers, and PR software.




Ever been stuck with a dead phone in the middle of the day?

OneFlash is providing free-access phone charging batteries for retail stores, to ensure a flawless digital shopping experience.




For real estate owners, managing several properties can be a mess.

Qlower helps you build and manage your real estate portfolio. Qlower leverages on Open Banking to understand your banking transactions, automates accounting, and property management.




While everything is getting digitalized these days, some industries are still lagging behind.

SCM360 is a Single Line of Sight Supply Chain Management software and mobile application solution for paperless, data-driven collaboration and communications.




What corporation has never been worried about sensitive data being leaked?

WaToo tags sensitive data to help organizations reduce risks and damages related to insider data breaches. Through an invisible tagging method, a leaked document can be traced back to its origin.



🚗 Afriquia 50 Sprints 2021 🚗



Are you worried about the impact of your deliveries?

Dromy is a logistics company specialized in last-mile deliveries in the Paris region. It was founded on 3 basic but differentiating principles: a 100% green fleet, a hiring process that promotes professional reintegration, and providing a quality of service.




How to reconcile cheap travel with city dwelling?

LAMMA simplifies the mobility of goods and people in North and West Africa. Born in Tunis in 2020, LAMMA has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the leaders in ride-sharing, by focusing on daily commuting



🐓 FrenchTech Tremplin 2021 🐓



Have you ever been frustrated that you couldn’t make a public location your own?

RoomBâ is the first platform in France that enables you to book a public place for an event. With the RoomBâ online service, it is now possible to book a public place for all types of events for everyone with just one click.




Cold-calling can lead to disappointing experiences, for callers and prospects both.

Huntease bridges the gap between you and qualified prospects by providing a seamless workflow from acquiring a lead to booking a meeting.



💻 Winter 2021 Online Program 💻


Watch Certificate™

How can you sure that a watch you buy is genuine?

Tradee has developed Watch Certificate™, a digital double of luxury watches that protects owners when buying, enjoying, and reselling their timepieces. It proves authenticity, market value, and protects in case of theft.



Vivre chez moi

Financial security can be an increasing issue for senior citizens.

Vivre chez moi enables senior citizens to finance their needs by monetizing the value of their primary residence while staying at home. Providing advice and access to a selection of services offered by partners.




Touch Tab provides hotel, restaurant, and retail environments with software and hardware systems to serve guests in a meaningful way at or near the point of purchase (POP). On the back end, businesses have access to customization, real-time analytics on sales/user behavior, and hotel experience survey feedback.


London Friday

European fashion and luxury items are in high demand in East Asia.

London Friday facilitates the acquisition process of European fashion items for Korean customers at discounted prices.




Plastic waste is a ubiquitous issue, but the cosmetics industry particularly suffers from it.

Bottless developed a new airless packaging solution that enables cosmetics brands to avoid single-use plastics while wasting less of their product.



If you are curious about what they will accomplish in the coming months, stay tuned!



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