What could break you? 🔨

And how will it shape you?

How many views can you get on YouTube by recycling old content?

Apparently you can generate a couple dozen million, but only by being Daft Punk and using it to announce the end of an iconic partnership.

Splitting iconic partnerships is sadly almost a signature move of the startup industries; after a few months or after a few decades, many founders drift apart and go their own way.

But is it truly such a sad prospect?

In life or in business, relationships are formative experiences. Long-term ones with high-stakes - what you should expect from co-founders - are even more so.

Most things are not eternal, but what makes us able to bear such uncertainty are purpose and agency. Therefore, shaping the end of a journey is instrumental to the shape of the whole.

So if you managed to use the shards of what was broken as a new foundation to serve your next purpose, it would have all been worth it.


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