Are you already failing? ⛰️

But do you care about someone else's measure of success?

The issue with being the go-to person on a topic is that people expect you to have ready answers to their questions.

So when people ask us - the Incubateur staff - which are the most successful startups that we know of, they await our response.

Truth is, we don't know.


Not because we don't know our startups (at least I hope so).

But because we are not quite sure what success is.

Should you be rich; should you be helpful? Should you be powerful; should you be loved? Should you be well-surrounded; should you be free?

Each of those is a summit to climb, each of us carrying our Sisyphean burden.


And if success means reaching the pinnacle of your mountain, then our role might be to ask:

“Are you satisfied? Will you go one step further?”



A last look to the past ⌛


The latest big events! ⏪

Why should you share your equity with your first employees? And what's the best way to do so?

Find the answers from our experts from Lexelians:


Getting negative reviews is the bane of most B2C solutions.

To help you manage them, get the feedback from customer success managers from Qonto:


How much do people love reading you?

If you want to get advice on copywriting from one of the best, here is the replay for you:


Link to our press watch 📰


Looking toward our future 🔮


Who would be the best fit? 🔐

Our application call for the Summer 2021 batch at the Incubateur is closing next week!

Since we believe a lot in referral, we want to let you choose who should apply for this round.

So if you know the right person for us, share it with them, and shoot us an email!


Success, by any other name 🌹

If you want to go further than ramblings about self-fulfilment and positive impact, our friends from La Boussole released a white paper with the BCG on tracking startup success beyond financial metrics.

Check it out!


What about your future? 🎯


Find your dream job! 💼

Get ready for a new adventure within startups from Incubateur HEC Paris

Kazidomi, the Belgian healthy eating e-commerce, is hiring for several positions.

Elax Energie, the hot water tank monitoring solution, is looking for a CEO right-hand intern.

Favikon, the social media influencer ranker, is looking for a CEO right-hand intern.

Kreme, the cosmetics from fresh ingredients, is looking for a CEO right-hand intern.

Anomia, the business partner of lawyers, is looking for a CEO right-hand intern.

(are you seeing a pattern here?)

Hors Normes, the savior of ugly produce, is looking for a CTO.

Ksaar, the best enterprise no-code solution, is looking for a passionate tech lead.

Backacia, the second life of construction materials, is looking for a project manager.

Trone, the fanciest toilets on earth, is looking for a business developer.

SeedLegals, the solution for all your legal needs, is looking for a sales executive.

Campsider, the marketplace of second-hand outdoor sports equipment, is looking for a Bubble dev.

Or find positions within startups from HEC Challenges +

Sylfen is looking for a design office engineer, and an R&D engineer.

Skyreal is looking for a VR dev.

Diamidex is looking for a data science / ML engineer.

Dolipharm is looking for an operations manager.

Spin Ion is looking for an R&D engineer.

6Cure is looking for front end and back end devs.

Dyameo is looking for a compliance project manager.

Phenocell is looking for a junior research engineer.


Fill your calendar 📅

 Get tips on compensation when working for startups from SeedLegals soon:


Before you leave us, here is your reading list for the weekend 📚

Read the article by Lexelians on the stakes during a fundraising round.

If you are doing carbon accounting, Traace tells you why you cannot dispense with specialised software.

When faced with a legal dispute, should you pursue it or look for settlements? Stéphane Woog from Woog & Associés lists your options.


Nostalgia Zone

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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."


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