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It's Time to Start Connecting Again!

Talking about the "Startup Nation" is always a delicate exercice. The concept is still a hot topic, lauded by some and mocked by others.

But whatever your opinion on the startup ecosystem, we believe that the operating word was and remains "ecosystem", a word which hides an array of genuine human relationships between entrepreneurs and those around them. These relationships have suffered recently and we think it is high time that they are cared for again.

Apparently, we are not the only ones, since yesterday was the "Let's Start Again" night at Station F, in the presence of Cedric O, Franck Riester as well as our boss Eloic Peyrache, during which all campus partners were physically gathered for the first time in months to reconnect.

Just a few hours before and a few meters away, inside techshop, HEC Paris Digital MBA students made the trip to workshop with Bigblue and R-Pur. 20+ international students working intensively on growth challenges demonstrate perfectly the power that lies in a school ecosystem.

While working remotely definitively has its perks, it can also nurture the most hermitic aspects of ourselves, so let’s never forget that creating businesses starts by connecting with others.

And who better to talk about building connections than Grégoire from Germinal?

🐣 Startup News

🌧 HD Rain: Turning Science into Real World Solutions

Getting science out of the lab and into the hands of those who need it the most is a daunting challenge. Ruben Hallali, cofounder and CEO of HD Rain, was up for it: he turned his cofounder’s thesis into an impactful startup, providing rain measurements and forecasts at high resolution, based on an innovative technology. As average temperates rises, and as acute hazards such as heat waves and floods grow in severity and frequency, entire populations are at risk. It is now more than ever the time to bridge the gap between academia and startups.

Take a look at the full conversation 


💰 Funding

La Bouche Rouge, french “clean beauty” brand, raised €2.5 million!


🏆 Prizes

Dropcontact is finalist of the Galion Booster 2020 competition.

Tarmac technologies is winner of the IndustryTech vertical at the Elevating Founders event.

Luko is in top 10 of LinkedIn Top Startups 2020.


🔗 Partnerships, Mergers & Aquisitions

MedGo fusions with Whoog to become Hublo to change HR management in the health sector.

Velyvelo partnered with Uber Eats to equip riders with electric bikes for eco-friendly deliveries.

LeCiseau and Flexy are merging to become the French BeautyTech leader with Kiute.

🍾 Launches

Leeto is launching a neobank for company labor comitees (CSE).

La Casa is opening its 10th ecoliving space La Casa des Chefs in Gennevilliers, near Paris.


🗓 Events

Join Omny at the Cloud + Data Center trade show on September 23rd and 24th at Porte de Versailles à Paris!


🎙 Podcasts

Majamaja on the future of living: learn about new housing solutions and experiences and new living communities

Anomia: “You should beware of words” with Jean Veil, lawyer and founder of the famous law firm Veil Jourde


🎥 Videos

Anne-Charlotte Vuccino, founder of Yogist, was on the TV show Smart Job on BSMART to talk about wellness in the work place.

Etienne Le Scaon, CEO and cofounder of Elevo, was on the TV show Smart Job on BSMART to talk about the importance of installing a feedback culture within companies.

Brice Huet, cofounder of Okarito, was on the TV show Small is Smart on BSMART to talk about the evolution of business trips and how Okarito reacted to the sanitary crisis.

Baptiste Frelot, cofounder of Lakaa, was on the channel France 3 to talk about Cleanwalk.org and Lakaa in the TV show "Ensemble c'est mieux" !

Watch Tom Pullen, founder and CEO of Innovinco, talk about innovation vs intention on INNO 101’s third episode.

Watch Pitch Deck Clinic in which Anthony Rose, Founder & CEO of SeedLegals, helps founders create a convincing pitch deck for investors. Each session Anthony Rose picks apart a pitch deck and gives honest feedback to the founder. Last episode: Episodic, the ebook startup.


💻 Webinars

Difficult times have never stopped the ambition of entrepreneurs to grow and expand their startups! In collaboration BNP Paribas Plug and Play, Seedlegals is organizing a live webinar “Guide to growth hack your next funding round” on Wednesday, September 30th at 11am.

Watch Lemlist’s webinar on “How to close large deals?” with Tony J. Hughes, Co-Founder of SalesIQ Global.

My Job Glasses’ webinar series "An exceptional job" is back! Season 2, episode 1 with Sebastien Missoffe, vice president and managing director of Google France is out.


✏️ Blogs

Check out our feature by Sylvain Bogeat, co-founder of Vesta Construction Technologies on “Building a better world”.

Take a look at Archibien’s blog series, “One project, one story”, recently featuring the remodeling of a Haussmannian apartment.

Simundia’s take on facing email overflow as a manager.

Patricia Lavocat, founder of Rue Rangoli, e-commerce website offering upcycled products, writes about how the current crisis sparked resilience and innovation within her company.


🔧 Tools

Learn how to write a transaction with LexDev.

For you, Botfuel conducted a study involving over 600 french e-commerce owners and extracted information about who they are, what their main objectives and motivations are and what their short and long-term projects are.

If once in your life, you’ve asked yourself “why the heck are my emails going to Spam?!”...then keep reading! The Lemlist team analyzed over 10,000 addresses and 20 millions emails to create a hyper complete guide to email deliverability.

MeilleureCopro just published the 1st ranking of co-owned properties management firms (syndics de copropriété) in France, with over 3 200 agencies analyzed and 80 000 feedbacks from customers taken into account.

Rue Rangoli created a fun and thorough guide to recycling in Paris.


💼 Jobs

« You get to work on the latest technologies, you get to join in on product development and reflect on user satisfaction. » Antony Kraaijenbrink, software engineer intern at Hublo (ex medGo and Whoog). Apply to Hublo as a software engineer, join the adventure!

Oh and by the way we’ve updated and improved our job board, where you can easily find all of our startups’ job offers.


🚀 Incubator News


Meet our multidimensional expert Mathias Abramovicz

“In these times of uncertainty, we try far too hard to anticipate the future when we must not lose sight of the essential: understanding what already exists in order to define strategies and actions. […]

We must remain optimistic and opportunistic with regard to our environment and not get stuck in our beliefs in order to act in the best possible way according to what already exists.”

-Mathias Abramovicz, mentor at Incubateur HEC Paris and founder and CEO of Ignited Kingdom

Read the full interview

👣 The entrepreneurship path

At the HEC Paris IDEA center our goal is to support startups from ideation to internationalization. We have developed an entrepreneurship path to give visibility and create coherence between the programs, and to ensure that we have the right program for your venture whatever it may be.

Discover how the entrepreneurship path works and how each part is connected to the next.


🗺 Overseas Arrivals

Welcome to our new Korean startups: Marine Innovation and London Friday!

Marine Innovation seeks out alternatives to single-use products that we rely on with natural resource, algae. Seaweed-based products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable.

London Friday is a duty-free shopping service which links European markets to Asian customers. "Direct-purchase customers" who enjoy online-shopping at European online shopping malls can receive European VAT back and save more than 10% with London Friday's duty-free service.


🐔 More diversity from the French Tech communities

The Incubateur HEC Paris joined the French Tech tremplin! You have until the 15th of October to apply. To make your choice among the incubators this is what startups have to say about us.


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