Why we haven't read the IPCC/GIEC report 🔥

Let's be honest, none of us have.

On one hand, it's about three times the length of the Bible.
On the other, it might also be one of the most important pieces of writing of our generation.

The thing is, nobody is supposed to read it, the same way that you are not supposed to read an encyclopædia cover to cover.


However, it is well worth it to read the summary for policymakers (if only to skim through the graphs), or to read one of the available summaries.
Firstly, because it’s interesting, secondly, because it makes it much easier to defend against anyone telling you that their grandpa experienced a really hot summer in 1947.


In any case, one thing seems probable: we will - and should - live on much clearer carbon budgets. 
Every SSP scenario we hope to reach has an associated global carbon stockpile available, and each of our actions makes that tally count down.

While our current carbon calculators are still quite primitive, it’s only a matter of time before we have the tools to make our contribution to those budgets explicit for all.


Whatever you do, maybe don’t go buying a house in the Mediterranean region if you plan to be around in a few decades


Before the summer ends… 🎯


Before being too busy in September, take some time with our reading list 📚

Our incubees don't stop working in summer, and they have been busy writing for you:


Follow-up with the IPCC AR6.
Ruben from HD Rain has also started to recap the report.

Too busy (or too old) to spend time on TikTok? 
Favikon is sharing their top influencer campaigns to keep in touch.

How much can you trust "green finance" labels? 
Let Goodvest help you make sense of the current regulation.

How do you manage to make CSR something more concrete than just big words?
Lakaa is sharing examples of successful strategies.

Reaching out to prospect was easier before GDPR.
Good thing Leadjet is sharing their tips on the best GDPR-compliant approaches.

You might have noticed that office space have changed a bit during the past year.
See what Deskare has to say about the future of hybrid work.

Thinking about what you could do to improve your environmental impact? 
Read Loewi's piece about electric bikes.


Looking for a change? Find your dream job with one of our startups! 💼

HR managers might be bored in summer. Why not come and say hi?


Would you like to help with the weather challenges to come?
HD Rain is looking for an operations manager.

Are you a sneakers' lover? Do you value sustainability? 
Balt is looking for a community management intern.

Do you like pets? What about their food?
Reglo is looking for an account management intern.

Do you believe that quality of life at work could be improved?
Ben is looking for a business development intern.

Do you love jewellery? Do you find traditional brands boring? 
Marie Mas is looking for a content & marketing apprentice, and for a right-hand intern.

Do you feel that cybersecurity has forgotten about cloud apps? 
Escape is looking for a full-stack engineer.

Are you frustrated that we are wasting too much energy heating buildings?
Celsius Energy is looking for a hydrogeology engineer.

What would you choose between a concrete building and a wood one? 
Vestack is looking for a management assistant.

Do you feel that mental health and well-being deserve more attention?
MindDay is hiring for a bunch of positions.


Exploring our summer best-of ⌛


One replay from our archives ⏪

While your sales pipe is slowed down in August, why not take the time to do a business development tools review, and get a stronger stack for September?

It's time to re-watch our workshop with Maxime Pari on the topic:


One startup to re-discover 🧴

Many of us try to eat better food with fewer preservatives, but still don't mind when the cosmetics we buy have a shelf-life of years (or do not even acknowledge that they have one).

Juliette & Marie launched Krème to create fresh cosmetics made with Michellin-starred restaurant quality ingredients, go have a look!

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