A different kind of Bastille Day 🇫🇷

Is launching projects in Summer really a French thing?

Last week was the official opening of our new Bastille space. The first space we have opened since we moved to Station F in 2017.


So you can imagine that Bastille Day has quite a different meaning for us this year.

Our job as an incubateur has always been to bring serendipity to the fore, to nurture it, and to make seem natural what would have been tedious.

Meeting places aimed at generating business opportunities used to be a staple of Paris, so now we have a legacy to carry, and to improve.


Like-minded creative people need places to meet, to learn, and to experiment.


HEC Records is our new crossroad.

You will always be welcome there.

Come visit.


A last look to the past ⌛


Latest big events! ⏪

Re-watch how you could grow your startup by recruiting apprentices, with Jean-Marie from Matchers.


What is the best way to manage your relationship with your investors after the deed?
Ask Adrien from Eldorado and Irina from Lexelians.


What you missed last week 📰

This month was fundraising month, but not only…


Looking toward our future 🔮


Let's welcome the new members of the family! ☀️

The best way to make you feel time pass is to welcome a new batch of startups every three months.

This season is not different, with 21 new startups starting in our Summer 2021 batch.


Building the best source of elite horses in the world 🐎

Claire-Aline created Ekestrian in 2013 to help equestrian athletes find the best horses in the world.

Today they are managing a 300% growth in the middle of covid.
Go read her story to know more!


What about your future? 🎯


Find your dream job! 💼

Come help the fight against food waste with Hors Normes.

Come help train the health professional of tomorrow with Doctoclass.

Come help Tarmac improve aircraft ground operations management.


Fill your calendar 🗓️

Getting funding for a startup should not be limited to raising a VC round.

Come explore alternatives with Judith from Kanopée and Aliénor from eCAP Partner.


Before you leave us, here is your reading list for the weekend 📚

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Nostalgia Zone

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  3. Don't copy-paste on LinkedIn.

  4. Make your bed!

  5. Keep the future hybrid.

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