Will your first name make you a champion? 🏆

It might already be too late…

Is there something about business schools that attracts high-level athletes?
Is it the opposite?

After Clarisse Crémer (H.13) ended up among the finishers (and the first woman) of the latest Vendée Globe edition, Clarisse Agbégnénou, another HEC alumna, just won a couple of days ago one of the first gold medals for France at the Tokyo Olympics.


That sounds like great examples of how skills that help you reach the top of one field transfer to the next.

One of the most solid predictors of success is conscientiousness, and I would be surprised if the correlation was not disproportionally greater the more competitive the environment is.


The good piece of news is that, beyond natural traits, you can train it.
So even if you are not planning on joining the next Olympics team, blood, sweat, and tears are a good way to build resilience and discipline.


In any case, if you are currently studying at HEC Paris and your name is Clarisse, don’t start applying for a job in investment banking or strategy consulting.

Go to the gym and bring us the next shiny.



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