Become the best Frankenstein's monster you can 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦

You can even ask for help…

What made you what you are today?

Nature? Nurture? Neither? Both?


One fact remains that our personalities are less malleable than we would wish, and more than we would expect.

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.

In spite of Jim’s issue with dangling prepositions, that sounds like a sound observation.
So, how do you cheat on your average?

Let’s try shaping your environment to shape you.

It can be as basic as actually following LinkedIn advice and only accepting those people you actually know (or at least unfollowing all the people talking about leaving work at 1pm without anyone caring about it).

Or you can be lucky and have a job like ours, which essence is to select the people alongside whom we will work for the years to come.


Whatever your degree of agency on the matter, it can’t be naught.


Select your parts, and make yourself the best Frankenstein’s Monster you can.


A last look to the past ⌛


Latest big events! ⏪

Launch your business with co-marketing!  
(re-)Discover the right method to scale with Caroline from Reachmaker.


Are you looking for a tech co-founder?
Go listen to Valentin from on the best ways to build great matches.


What did you miss this week? 📰

Looking toward our future 🔮


Getting equipped for hybrid work 🌳

Deskare was one of the two laureates from the HEC Paris Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre pitching competition and will be joining Incubateur HEC Paris this summer.

They are working on making hybrid work easier to plan and to manage, check them out!


Building the future of urban life 🏙️

Are you dreaming of better city environments?

Icade and HEC Paris are now recruiting the next batch of startups for the Urban Odyssey startup studio.

Come have a look and apply!


What about your future? 🎯


Find your dream job! 💼

DIM, the data management for construction sites, is looking for a CEO right-hand.

Goodvest, the sustainable investment solution, is looking for an account manager.

Kreme, the preservative-free cosmetics, is looking for someone in operations and business development.

Traace, the best way to measure your carbon footprint, is recruiting a CEO right-hand intern and a marketing intern.

Garantme, the future of insurance, is looking for a QA manager, and for a product manager.


Fill your calendar 🗓️

VivaTech is on!

Whether you are going there in person or online, don't miss our incubees there:


During this year’s session of the ODI, BearingPoint and their partners - among which HEC Paris - will award 5 prizes to acknowledge the most resilient French companies with African operations.
Come apply to the ODI 2021 Awards before July 11th!


After you have completed a funding round, the journey is just beginning.  
Now you need to manage the relationship with your investors for the years to come. Come listen to Adrien from Eldorado and Irina from Lexelians discuss the topic.


Before you leave us, here is your reading list for the weekend 📚

If you ever happen to sell your company, you might encounter an earn-out clause.
Get ready for it before you need to, thanks to Alexandre James from Woog & Associés.


Nostalgia Zone

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