Let's Brighten their Futures

Our new batch is there!

We are entering a new season with our fall 2020 batch of new startups that joined the community. Warm welcome to our new members!

Let’s reflect and capitalise on what happened last season:

In July it was the Incubateur HEC paris grand unveiling with the launch of our first public newsletter and the beginning of a tremendous and prolific summer for our collective.

In September, guess what, we were working on how to prepare the fall of our incubator!

So don’t be a stranger and tell us who you are because probably our link has been broken and it is time to (re)connect.

If you are curious about our selections, just scroll down a bit!

🙌 Last Week's Arrivals!

🐣 Our Fall Batch


Meet our brand new Fall 2020 batch of startups!

AgenT is a biotech startup developing the first blood diagnosis that detects Alzheimer's in patients up to 20 years before the onset of symptoms.

Escape is a software which automates the protection of Cloud applications using Machine Learning.

Strio is a SaaS tool that generates on-demand cloud environments that allow developers and testers to easily perform their tests, without having to use the shared Staging environment.

AlloReview is a CRM software based on voice recognition.

Edusign is a flexible and intuitive solution which digitizes time sheets.

Naker is a software which enables e-commerce websites to easily integrate 3D interactive content.

Ksaar is a no-code development platform for SMEs.

Let me help them!


🗺 Our Overseas Arrivals

Welcome to our new Korean, Lebanese and Moroccan startups as well!

Safeware is a safety-tech startup that provides a wearable airbag solution.

Bottless is an airless container company which aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics in the cosmetics industry.

DIM (Digital Industrial Modules) is an AI powered construction platform that collects executed activities on site, analyses the data by comparing it to what was planned and instantly displays their reports on the budget today and upon completion.

Myceleum is a platform for developers that provides on demand preconfigured development environments, making setup take minutes instead of days.

OCP Technology created the OTA2 brand to produce high quality respirators, autonomous, transportable and usable even in the absence of infrastructures.

CloudFret is a logistics management system which identifies empty returns and matchs them with shipping needs.

Let me help them!

Now let’s see what happened during the past two weeks:


💰 Funding

Ekestrian raised €400k to continue growing in the equine auction market.

Velyvelo raised €600k to equip companies with a fleet of electrical vehicles.

Escape raised €850k to help developers secure their cloud applications automatically.

Mercateam raised €1.2M to digitalize french industry.

Congratulations to Comet Meetings for raising €30M with HEC Ventures, Mirakl for becoming a unicorn with its latest $300M round and Ynsect for raising a total 316M€. While those three companies have not been through the Incubateur, they have been founded by HEC alumni and are the benchmark we use to scale up startups through our entrepreneurship path.

If you want to become a Limited Partner of HEC Ventures and get more involved in our ecosystem, the fundraising is still open until December 2020.


🍾 Launches

Our UX/UI expert, Joël Schillio is launching Alasta, product design studio, with Pauline Parizot.

Our master in design thinking, Remi Rivas, is launching Le Mode d'Emploi, mini freelancing classes, with Alexis Minchella.

La Bouche Rouge was interviewed by Wallpaper to announce the launch of their fully sustainable makeup collection.

Rue Rangoli opened a pop up store in the Italie Deux mall in Paris.

OVRSEA launches Le Chargeur, a free weekly newsletter to share freight transportation information.

Popchef launches its digital and eco-friendly cafeteria.


🤝 Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions

SeedLegals has partnered with:


🏆 Prizes, Rankings & Achievements

Héloïse Jacob, product manager at Datasoluce, was awarded the Grand Prize 2020 "Woman Junior Engineer" by the CDEFI.

Celsius won the challenge prize at the Occitanie region hackathon in Montpellier with "The geothermic potential of the Occitanie region revealed".

Amel Ouennoughi, David Dessout, Marc Kadri and Samir Amar have won the Rocket School x Incubateur HEC challenge with their work with VelyVelo.

Dataswati was awarded the Food Transition Award at the La FoodTech event in Dijon.

Ada Tech School has finally been approved by the French government to deliver official diplomas. You can send your congratulations to Chloé Hermary, especially since the school just celebrated its first birthday.


💼 Jobs

If you want to join a dynamic team and use your creativity to benefit innovative tech products tackling environmental issues within the maritime sector, you'll be happy to hear that Ayro, which designs and delivers Oceanwings®, an outperforming wingsail that cuts maritime shipping costs and greenhouse gas emissions, is hiring a Systems Engineer, a Mechatronical Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer and a Digital Marketing Intern!

Find out about all of our startups' job offers here!


🧠 Try Master Teach

Most projects die around: 6 months, 18 months or 36 months.

The main factors responsible for their fall are: their team alignment, their product market fit and their organizational development.

Try, master, teach is probably the best method to overcome any obstacles when developing projects.

Read the full article


📌 The most common SEO/SEA mistakes to avoid

Search engines are the heartbeat of internet.

But did you know 91% of online content receives no organic traffic from Google search?

This week we’re bringing in a search engine marketing expert, Clément Bourdon, cofounder of Webloom and mentor at the Incubateur HEC Paris, to let you in on how to be in that remaining 9%.

Read the full article


🌱 GreenTech & Proptech

Meet Baptiste Laurent and Elodie Stephan, cofounders of Vertuo, a startup designed to accompany city builders and urban developers in creating a virtuous strategy for rainwater management. Warm welcome also to 4 new startups selected for Urban Odyssey season 2. More info soon!


💻 SaaS

Elevo's complete guide to managing remote workers (in french).

Skello's insight on the ratios you need to keep track of to manage your restaurant (in french).

Lemlist has been productive this week, so you can choose between watching their webinar with Justin Michael: Tech-Powered Sales: Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills, listening to their podcast with Nathan Latka on employee bonuses, or reading their article on their exit of their side-project Lempod, and if you still want more, here is our event with him tomorrow!

Dropcontact's toolbox to find and contact B2B prospects:

Valentin Pichard, CEO of Naker, an online tool which enables everyone to create interactive 3D content without coding interviewed by Morgan Pelissier on Sparkmate:


🧑‍⚖️ Legal

Seedlegals' take on "What drives your company valuation?"

Anomia's podcast starring Christiane Féral-Schuhl, president of the CNB (Conseil National des Barreaux), on her vision of being a lawyer and the projects she has led (in french).

LexDev's templates and advice on the documents you need to turn a short-term contract into a long-term contract (in french).


✈️ Travel

The impact of Covid 19 on business trips by Remi Duvoux, cofounder of Okarito (in french).


🏡 Housing

Les Echos article: Domani develops inclusive housing for seniors (in french).

La Casa's first webinar on how to manage and prevent conflicts within a coliving community (in french).


💄 Beauty

Les Echos article on how the cosmetic brand Même takes care of cancer patients (in french).

L'Officiel interview of legendary perfumer Alberto Morillas who describes his work with Art meets Art.


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